Annabel’s 10th Birthday “Pop Star” Party!

Annabel’s 10th Birthday “Pop Star” Party!

February was a very exciting month! Annabel turned ten (Double digits! Hooray!) and we launched PopGirl Box. To celebrate, we threw a super fun, super sparkly, and super yummy “Pop Star” themed birthday party! It was perfect because “Pop Star” was also the theme of our first PopGirl Box!
Annabel invited her girlfriends to our house for an evening of crafts, games, karaoke, sweet treats, and more. We ended the party with a special unboxing of PopGirl Box. 
Our “Pop Star” party stations included:
Create your own CD Dream Catcher
I found old CDs, attached a cute cord to each one, and let the girls decorate them with glitter paint pens, rhinestones, and pieces of colored tissue paper. The girls took them home to hang in their bedrooms.
Decorate your "Pop Star” Shades
Everyone knows a Pop Star needs a pair of glamorous shades! The girls decorated white-rimmed sunglasses with gems and stickers to create their own camera-ready pair.
Karaoke Corner
The girls had fun belting out their favorite songs by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and I even threw in some old school Michael Jackson!
Paparazzi Photo Shoot
I bought a sequined tablecloth from Amazon and used it as a backdrop for our photo area. The girls posed with fun birthday photo props.
Pin the Tour Bus on the Map
I love old school style birthday games! You can always do a twist on “pin the tail” and this one was a blast. Annabel drew a star next to her favorite city on a large wall map. The girls were blindfolded and tried to pin their paper tour bus on the city. They played this one over and over again using different cities.
Celebrity Interview Guessing Game
My son was our special celebrity reporter and asked the girls fun “pop star” questions like their favorite food to have backstage, their dream city to visit, and who would be their opening act. I read each girl’s “interview” out loud and they all had to guess who it was! 
Glitter Tattoos
We had a professional glitter tattoo artist come to the house to give each girl a temporary pop star tattoo of their choice! 
Dinner was “Pop Star” pizza, fruit, veggies, and pink lemonade. For dessert we had Annabel’s confetti birthday cake and adorable microphone cupcakes!
Then it was time to have the girls open their first ever PopGirl Box! They loved everything! It was so much fun to watch their surprise and excitement. I don’t know how we’re going to top this birthday. It was such a blessing to celebrate this milestone with Annabel. Not only did she turn 10, but she also became a “girlpreneur” this year. I’m so proud of her. Happy first decade my sweet girl!
March 19, 2018 — PopGirl Pam
PopGirl Box December Winner!

PopGirl Box December Winner!

Congratulations to Jessica Nease from Leon, WV. Jessica won the gold star necklace from our December online contest. We hope your tween loves it!

To celebrate the official launch of PopGirl Box, everyone who subscribes this month will receive the gold star necklace as a bonus gift in their February box.

The gold star necklace comes with an inspirational card to remind your PopGirl that she’s a star and headed straight for the top!

Don’t miss out on this fun bonus gift. Subscribe now!

January 01, 2018 — PopGirl Pam
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I love pop culture.

As a young girl, I always wanted the popular toy for Christmas. My poor Dad waited hours in line so he could buy me the Cabbage Patch Doll with the blonde curly hair. I stayed up late at night to watch all the new music videos on MTV. My favorite was Michael Jackson’s Thriller which I then bought on VHS tape to watch over and over again. I was on top of all the latest fashion trends: designer jeans, rainbow shirts, jelly sandals, Steve Madden slides, and scrunchies. I saw Top Gun five times in the movie theater. And don’t get me started on all things New Kids on the Block. I’m a Jordan girl!

When I found out I was having a daughter, I was so excited. I was hoping she would share in my love of pop culture. I could not wait to shop with her at the mall, to give her my old Judy Blume books, to watch all the classic Disney movies together, to take her to her very first concert, and to create tons of other amazing memories. So far, this "girl mom" role has been greater than I ever imagined. Annabel and I have shared so many fun moments including the launch of PopGirl Box!

This month the theme of our box is “Pop Star.” It was partially inspired by our love of Taylor Swift's new album Reputation (IT’S SO AWESOME), but mostly because we wanted to inspire your girl to shine like a star. To walk down her own path. To dream big. To sing her favorite song at the top of her lungs. To be comfortable in her own skin. To have fun every single day. And to leave a little sparkle wherever she goes.

We hope your tween loves this box and the many more box surprises to come. Welcome to our PopGirl family. We’re so glad you’re here! Happy New Year!

December 31, 2017 — PopGirl Pam